Trail Guide

A collaborative guide to the hiking trails and areas of botanical interest in and around the Umpqua Valley.

BETA Phase
The Trail Guide is currently in beta phase and the data is incomplete. We are seeking volunteers to help input data and add photos of the various trails and scenery .
Contact us today to learn how you can help.

  • Safety First!

    When exploring our wonderful land of Umpqua it is very important to think of safety first. Here are a few tips to keep you and your loved ones safe during hikes and field trips:

    • Stay hydrated
      Take plenty of fresh water for everyone, including pets.
    • Use the buddy system
      Never hike alone and always hike with someone you trust.
    • Plan for everything
      Take extra layers of clothing, food and first-aid supplies in case of an accident
    • Know your edibles
      If you're not 100% able to identify it, don't eat it!
  • Other Resources

    • coming soon...